Work Toward Something Bigger.


We work relentlessly to improve outcomes for students in middle and high school classrooms across the country. We're looking for passionate, reflective and fearless individuals to join our team in Los Angeles..

The Green Dot Difference


We believe in taking a rigorous teaching approach

At Green Dot, we're moving forward and closing gaps in learning. As a middle or high school teacher, you'll combine a rigorous curriculum with the academic counseling and support our students deserve and need to succeed.


We hire strong leaders and support teachers

You'll be surrounded every day by a supportive network of intelligent, passionate, and hardworking colleagues. You'll receive unmatched feedback, thrive in a diverse culture that encourages collaboration, and gain opportunities to grow through data-driven professional development.


We help make social change real

Join us in taking the lead in public education reform. We're making a difference for students who have historically been underserved by failing schools. Whether you work in Los Angeles or Memphis, you'll help shape the trajectories for your students by providing them the quality education they deserve.

Transformation Schools

Transformation schools, sometimes referred to as turnaround schools, are public schools once operated by a school district that are now operated by public charter schools and continue to serve the attendance boundary.

Green Dot is widely considered the most experienced school turnaround operator in the country.

Because of this, The U.S. Department of Education has featured Green Dot as a national leader in school transformations and awarded us a replication and expansion grant for this work.

Our Teachers Make the Difference

"This is the best job in the world. It’s one of those professions where, if you’re doing a good job, you immediately know it. I can’t think of anything else that would be better for me to do than to work with these amazing kids and their families, helping them get to where they want to go."

"I get to work with first-generation college students with low-income backgrounds. I feel really lucky to do this work because I'm able to see the beginning, helping these students with their [college] applications, and I get to be part of the end, which is them getting accepted. There's nothing that compares to that feeling."

"I'm a Spanish teacher. I graduated from Animo [Inglewood] in 2012. I get to talk to my community about their history. There's been instances where students see me as part of their family. That's what makes the relationship inside our classroom so united--the fact that they see me as part of their community and see me as someone who they can become."