Grow in Your Career with Green Dot Public Schools

No matter where you are in your career, Green Dot offers programmatic support systems to help you grow as an educator, leader, and professional.

Where are you in your teaching career?

Want to join the teaching profession?
If you don't have a teaching credential, you can earn one while working as a teacher with Green Dot's credentialing program. Learn more about California

If you already have a teaching credential or an intern credential from an external Teacher Education Program, you are eligible for hire at Green Dot Public Schools.
Browse positions for entry-level teachers in:

Ready to clear your Preliminary Credential? Enroll in Green Dot's Induction Program (CA only). Learn more here.

Experienced teachers can advance their career by taking advantage of Green Dot's "Grow Your Dot Program."

Opportunities for growth include becoming a Grade Level Leader, Professional Development Leader, New Teacher Mentor, Instructional Leadership Team Member, or Demo Classroom Teacher. Learn more here.

Become an administrator through Green Dot's Administrator-in-Residence (AIR) Program.

You'll earn your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential while serving as a resident in Green Dot schools. Learn more about the AIR program here. (CA only)

Clear your Administrative Services Credential through Green Dot's Clear Administrative Services Credential Program. Coming soon!

We understand the effectiveness of a classroom teacher is the single most important factor in student achievement.

There is no job more important than that of a teacher. That's why we invest in developing leadership pathways that provide you with the opportunity to lead within a school, without ever leaving the classroom. Our goal is to challenge and encourage you, so you can expand your effectiveness and impact by exploring various avenues of educational leadership.


"Green Dot not only believes in social change but actually makes it happen. I feel that I am part of something greater than myself, and I have grown as an educator and as a person."

Andrew Osterhaus, Physics Teacher

"Green Dot reminds me why I grew up wanting to be a teacher. I feel like I'm working toward something bigger here, and I believe in what we're doing every day."

William Heuisler, History Teacher

"Green Dot is the reason I am the type of leader that I am, the type of wife that I am, the type of mother that I am, and the type of mentor I want to be."

Taiala Regnier, Principal