Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) Induction Program

Clear your Admin Credential with Green Dot’s Admin Induction Program

Green Dot’s CASC Induction Program is a CTC approved program designed for part-time or full-time school administrators who hold the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and now need to clear that preliminary credential by obtaining the Clear Administrative Services Credential.

CASC Program Overview

The CASC Induction Program is an individualized, job-embedded, two-year program with enrollment in a program expected upon placement in an administrative position, but no later than one year from activation of the preliminary credential (CTC PSA 16-13). As required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), this primarily coaching-based program includes an individual induction plan, professional learning opportunities, ongoing assessment, and candidate reflection.

Program Areas of Focus

Individualized Coaching

Each year, candidates engage in 40 – 50 hours of individualized coaching with an Induction Coach. The coaching focus lies on the candidate’s identified areas of growth based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL) for the year through an Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) that is created with support and guidance from the Induction Coach and feedback from the candidate’s direct supervisor. The individualized coaching experience is designed to ensure the candidate is provided with the attention needed to further their knowledge, practice, and skills while on the ground via feedback and ongoing assessment.

Professional Development

Each year, candidate complete 30 – 40 hours of professional development aligned to the CPSELs of emphasis in their IIP during each respective year. Candidates reflect on these experiences and receive coaching from their Induction Coach on how to implement the learning, thus taking their skills, knowledge, and practice to the next level.


Job-Embedded Experience

Throughout the two year experience, candidates’ learning is founded on the various experiences, responsibilities, and tasks in their administrative role.

Gain career ladder opportunities

“The most beneficial part of this program has been the individualized coaching I receive. I meet with my coach on a bi-weekly basis to discuss my goals, professional development experiences, and any obstacles I am facing on site. He supports me in coming up with next steps and high leverage actions that bring me closer to my goals and help me grow as a school leader. I ALWAYS feel like coaching is a great use of my time and I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable coach.” – Ashlyn Ramos


Job-embedded experience

“Clearing my credential through Green Dot has been an extremely impactful experience. The coaching and professional development I receive through the program not only brings me closer to clearing my administrative credential but truly supports my in becoming a better school leader for the families, students, and teachers I serve.  Often times I leave coaching or professional development with strategies and ideas I am able to implement the next day on my campus.” – Ashlyn Ramos

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"The CASC program is an amazing opportunity that allows me to work with my mentor and receive coaching and feedback on ways that I can improve in my current role. My mentor observes me in my work settings - debriefs, PDs leadership meetings, etc. - so that he can provide me with feedback during coaching that is aligned to my growth areas." – Ronda Alfred

- Ronda Alfred, Assistant Principal, Ánimo Legacy Charter Middle School