Teaching at Green Dot

We're committed to supporting teachers both personally and professionally, so you can do your best work and ignite a passion for learning in students.

Professional Development

Professional Development is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to helping teachers hone their craft and achieve their career goals with consistent, collaborative training.

Career Growth & Support for Teachers


New Teacher Support

We provide teacher mentors and subject matter coaches who align with your professional goals and help develop your practice.


Collaborative Environment

Work closely with passionate, like-minded colleagues by sharing best practices on a regular basis. 


Small Schools and Class Sizes

Our schools serve around 600 students, and the average class size at Green Dot is 25-30 students.


Better Pay and Benefits

Green Dot offers salaries that are competitive with surrounding districts and a robust benefits package. 


Opportunities for Growth

Data Fellow: Be the school site expert in using timely, actionable data to drive instruction and professional development by empowering your colleagues.

Professional Development Leader: Facilitate professional development sessions for your colleagues

New Teacher Mentor: Provide peer observation and instructional coaching to new teachers

Instructional Leadership Team Member: Be part of a team who shapes the design and provides input on the school's curriculum, instructional strategies and human capital

Demo Classroom Teacher: Design, deliver, and debrief high quality instruction for teacher colleagues in structured setting.

Professional Development at Green Dot has helped me to become a better educator because it has forced me to reflect upon my own teaching practices and identify ways to grow.

I am better at reflecting, and thus able to encourage more strategic and intentional decision-making. I have also become a better planner, thoroughly thinking through lessons and group structures, and using data to guide my instruction and classroom choices. Through coaching my peers, I’ve gained new insight into my own practice.

-Tiana Diggs, 2017 Teacher of the Year