Credentialing for Teachers

Resources to prepare candidates to teach in Green Dot California

Whether they have spent years in the classroom or are new to the profession, Green Dot hires teachers who are committed to our mission with a passion for excellence.


If you have never completed a credentialing program before, are currently completing a California credentialing program, or have already completed one, this is the page for you! This is also a good place to start if you're asking any of these questions:

  • "Help! I don't know anything about credentialing. What's the process, from start to finish?"
  • "What is a credentialing program and how do I pick one?"
  • "Is there financial assistance for credentialing programs?"
  • "How long will it take for me to get my full credential?"
  • "How do I find a teaching job?"
  • "I've completed my program and obtained my Preliminary credential. How do I clear it?"
  • "I've obtained my Clear credential and have been teaching for a few years. How do I advance my career?"

Start Your Teaching Profession

Learn more about teaching pathways, and take the next steps to becoming a teacher: 

Traditional Pathway

Intern Pathway

Residency Pathway


(sub to teacher)


Attend an accredited college or university and pursue a teaching credential AND master's degree in education through that school.

With this route, you will be a Student Teacher, which requires participants to take courses and gain hands-on experience while student teaching under direct supervision.

Attend an accredited college or university that has an Intern Pathway to earn your credential as you teach. 

Participants receive instruction while managing their own classroom and continuing to take courses and receive supervision.


Through Marshall Teacher Residency, teachers-to-be integrate master’s-level education content with a yearlong classroom internship in a public school. Unlike other alternative teaching certification models, residents do not serve as the teacher of record in the classroom.


A program designed to provide prospective teachers with a low-cost tuition pathway to become a certified teacher.

Scholar Plus Program is ideal for someone looking to become a credentialed teacher, but worried about the costs and education associated in making it a career.



Time Commitment

2 years


1 year with optional 2nd year if you want to pursue your master’s as well

1 year, with 4 year teaching commitment after obtaining your credential

2 years

Estimated Cost to candidate

Cost dependent on university attended




Cost dependent on university attended




With Marshall Teacher Residency, no cost to resident. 

Eligible for $20,000 teach grant.

Estimated $5,000 to earn credential




Paid during program?

No, full time student



Paid full time teacher salary at Green Dot with benefits, see salary schedule here

No, but you will receive a living stipend of $40,000 for the year, paid monthly


Paid hourly sub rate by Scoot Education



Bachelor’s Degree

CA Basic Skills

CA Subject Matter Competency (in order to enter the program)

Bachelor’s Degree

CA Basic Skills

CA Subject Matter Competency (in year 2)


Which Program Pathway Will You Choose?

Explore the program pathways below to find the one that's right for you.

Pathways to Becoming a Teacher

In this short webinar, you’ll find resources and strategies for educators interested in teacher pathways. With this quick session, you'll learn more on what it takes to become a teacher and how to start your career at Green Dot.

Need a Teaching Credential?

Reach out to a member of our Human Capital Team to learn more about credentialing pathways.

California Teaching Credential FAQ