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Earn your teaching credential with Marshall Residency and Green Dot Public Schools

The Marshall Teacher Residency is a one-year teacher preparation program providing hands-on clinical practice, personalized mentoring, in-classroom coaching, and a collaborative community.

In just 12 months, become a credentialed teacher and receive priority hiring at Green Dot Public Schools! We provide affordable tuition and a living stipend, and California provides grants to cover your tuition. 

As one of the most comprehensive residencies for aspiring teachers in the nation, we provide a pathway to:

  • Single Subject Teaching
  • Education Specialist Instruction


Aspiring teachers experience our values-based approach to teaching and learning as Residents, before applying them in their own classrooms. From curriculum and coursework, to our mentorship structure these core beliefs guide our Resident experience.

  • Student-centered instruction places students at the center of the classroom. We support our students’ sense of agency and self-efficacy, while building habits of success.
  • Data-driven instruction personalizes instruction to ensure an appropriately rigorous educational experience for the strengths and needs of every student in our diverse classrooms.
  • Whole child education builds strong, authentic relationships, and supports the social and emotional development of our students in addition to academic achievement.
  • Anti-racist education engages in deep self-reflection, practicing culturally responsive teaching methods, and investigating inequities in the educational system.

Benefits of the Residency

As a Marshall Teacher Resident, you’ll receive an exceptional learning experience and will leave the program prepared to be a powerful teacher. Other benefits that make our program stand apart include:

  • Pre-admission career counseling to determine ideal credentialing path
  • Affordable tuition and a living stipend throughout the program
  • Access to a grant to cover the cost of tuition
  • A teaching credential from the State of California
  • Priority hiring at one of our Green Dot Schools
  • Option to pursue a one-year Master’s of Education upon completion of Residency

Classroom Immersion


Your clinical placement will be in the classroom 6–8 hours per day, four days per week through an entire school year.

With consistent coaching from your Cooperating Teacher, you’ll hone your craft and skill as you evolve from observation, to co-teaching, to leading the classroom.

You will experience every aspect of the teacher role, including planning, teaching, assessing, mentoring, communicating with families, and collaborating with colleagues.

Values-Aligned Instruction

Starting with a summer intensive and continuing one day per week throughout the school year, you’ll gather with your diverse cohort of Residents to master the credentialing coursework.

Led by expert faculty, coursework is project-based and integrated with your clinical experience.

The instruction you’ll receive reflects our core values, including deep self-reflection, culturally responsive teaching methods, and conversations about equity and inclusion.

Mentoring and Collaboration

You’ll benefit from multiple levels of support on your journey, including 1:1 mentoring, in-classroom coaching, and a connected community of Residents.

You will examine how theory from the coursework applies to what’s happening in your clinical placement. You’ll receive personalized support through coaching and mentorship. And, you’ll learn from other Residents’ experiences across different school sites while building a professional network.


Benefits of the Program

  • Marshall Teacher Residency will provide residents with a $48,500 living stipend, disbursed monthly from July through June. Taxes are not deducted, but candidates may need to report the stipend for tax purposes.
  • The Golden State Teacher Grant Program grants all enrolled Residents up to $20,000, covering the $18,000 program tuition, in exchange for four years of teaching service in California.
  • MTR covers all books and most fees that arise during the residency year, including the substitute permit fee, Live Scan fees, TPA and RICA fees, and more.

Financial Package

Receive Up to $68,500 for Tuition & Life

During this one-year teacher residency program, residents are eligible to receive a financial support package that covers tuition, testing fees, and living expenses—a $48,500 living stipend, up to $20,000 through the Golden State Teacher Grant.

Application Process

Our application process is simple and straightforward, because we want to get to know candidates as individuals. To start, we highly encourage candidates to attend a virtual information session. They are designed to give candidates the opportunity to ask any and all questions, as well as meet the Residency team and current Residents.


Ready to take the next step? Application Requirements


With the Marshall Teacher Residency, you can launch your career and become a powerful teacher for students in just one year.  We look for Residents who believe that all students can be successful, are committed to learning and growing as anti-racist educators, and have a growth mindset.


Applicants to the Marshall Teacher Residency must:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Be committed to teaching elementary students, middle / high school students, and/or students with disabilities.