How to Apply

Application Process

Online Application

Phone Screen or Video Interview

Group Interview

(Tennessee only)

School Site Interview

Job Offer

Apply Online

All of our applicants are required to submit an online application. Once you have submitted your application online, one of our Human Capital recruiters will perform an initial resume screen and credential check. This helps us determine where you may best fit at Green Dot and what positions you can jump into immediately.

Video Interview

(California and Washington applicants only)

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may receive an invitation to complete an online video interview operated by a third party website called Vidcruiter. During the video you will be asked general questions intended to help us gauge past experience and get to know you better. While you will not speak directly with a recruiter during the video interview, a recruiter will contact you by phone to speak more with you about our organization and answer any questions. Recruiters will then match you with the Green Dot school that is the best professional and cultural fit for you.

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School Site Interview

The third and final stage of the interview process is an in-person interview with the school leaders at the school our recruiters believe you will be most successful. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your instructional strength by performing a demo lesson, as well as become acquainted with the school leadership team and culture.

Job Offer

If the hiring panel believes you are a good fit for the school, you will be contacted with a job offer. In California, Green Dot will determine your base salary using an established salary schedule, that was agreed upon between Green Dot Public Schools and our teachers’ union, Asociación de Maestros Unidos. Green Dot Public Schools will send you written confirmation of your base salary shortly after we receive your official transcripts and Verification of Experience form(s).When you accept your job offer, you will become an integral part of the Green Dot team and mission!

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