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Adelante Program FAQs

Q: What support will I receive?

A: The Adelante program aligns coursework and classroom experience, so that each teacher can thrive in their first year. Supports include:

  • Extensive professional development prior to and throughout the school year
  • Mentorship from a Green Dot Curriculum Specialist, a content expert who supports planning, instruction, and classroom management
  • A collaborative cohort community of fellow new teachers looking to grow their practice

Q: What will I earn as an Adelante teacher? What is the tuition and are their opportunities for financial aide?

A: One of the benefits to joining the Adelante Credentialing Program is the ability to earn a full salary while earning a credential. Cohort members will:

  • Earn a minimum salary of $49,000 and fully paid benefits such as  health coverage and pension
  • Receive a 30% reduction in Loyola Marymount University tuition for the intern credential, approximately $12,500
  • Enroll in a monthly payment plan designed to meet your needs
  • Receive support in obtaining financial aid and accessing grant opportunities

Q: What can I expect in the selection process?

A: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with three deadlines: November 24, 2017, March 16, 2018, and May 11, 2018.

All applicants will go through the following steps in the selection process:


Q: When does the Adelante Teacher Credential Program begin?

A: The program begins July 2018 for summer teaching and training requirements. Prior to the summer training, Adelante cohort members must pass required state tests which are outlined below, so as soon as you are hired, we will begin working with you to ensure that you are successful on the exams. The school year begins in August 2018 when the cohort will assume leadership as full-time salaried teachers.

Q: What is the summer teaching and training requirement?

A: Prior to entering the classroom as a full-time teacher, Green Dot and Loyola Marymount require Adelante cohort members to complete summer pre-service hours. Individuals complete 120 hours of professional development and practice teaching at our Green Dot schools with the support of mentors, coaches, and school site administrators. These hours will take  approximately 4 weeks to complete.


Teacher Credentialing

Q: What are the CBEST and CSET?

A: The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is designed to test basic reading, writing, and math skills necessary for any educator in California. The CBEST lasts 4 hours and costs $102. The California Subject Education Test (CSET) is a content specific test that determines your subject matter competence. The length and cost of the test varies by content area; please refer to the website for more information.

Q: By when do I need to pass the CBEST and CSET?

A: In order to remain in the Adelante Teacher Credential Program, you must pass the CBEST and CSET by June 1st of the academic year that you begin teaching (e.g. Fall 2018). The Green Dot team will support you in planning out a testing schedule to ensure your success.

Q: When and where can I take the CBEST and CSET?

A: The CBEST and CSET are offered frequently throughout Los Angeles and may also be taken online. You should create an account on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website, then find an appropriate testing site and date. Be sure to select a date that will give you plenty of time to receive results before June 1st.


2017-18 Financial Overview


  • Earn a starting salary of $49,031+ and fully paid benefits
  • Receive a 30% reduction in Loyola Marymount University tuition for the intern credential. With the discount, the projected cost for the program is approximately $12,500.
  • Enroll in a payment plan which allows you to design a package that works for you
  • Apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website with the support of the LMU Financial Aid Department