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Teach at one of Green Dot's public charter schools in Washington

When teachers lead, schools win.

Green Dot Public Schools is one of the leading independent non-profit public school operators in the nation with middle schools in Seattle, Tacoma, and Kent. Across our network, teachers are key decision-makers at Green Dot and help achieve better outcomes and higher graduation rates for all students.

By founding leading middle and high schools, we are focused on graduating students fully prepared for college, leadership and life. We are dedicated to helping parents organize and transforming parents’ expectations of their neighborhood schools.

We believe in supporting teachers both personally and professionally, so you can take the lead in shaping the future of public education.

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Why Washington

Be a founder of a new charter school sector.

At Green Dot Washington you will be a founder, the first to lay the foundation for a new movement in Washington State that is changing trajectories for students in our highest-needs communities. You will have the opportunity to lead and innovate in new and growing school communities while working alongside passionate, like-minded colleagues.

The stakes are high in Washington. 

We are working toward something bigger. Public education in Washington state mirrors national trends for students in historically underserved communities. More than half of our students qualify for free or reduced school lunch, more than 20% of our students receive special education services and at least 10% of our students are English Language Learners.

In 2013, Washington State's graduation rate ranked
in the nation
More than
of our students qualify for free or reduced school lunch
More than
of our students receive special education services
At least
are English Language Learners

We are building a track record of success.

We're looking for others who are dedicated to continuing this momentum. Students at Destiny Middle School, Green Dot Washington’s flagship campus come from diverse backgrounds and grew approximately 3 grade levels in reading in the 2015-16 school year. Growth was distributed across all levels of entry and students on grade level nearly doubled. Some of our students receiving special education services grew as much as 4-5 grades in reading levels.

Surround yourself with the best in Washington

"Green Dot Public Schools is committed to valuing and empowering teachers who truly believe that education can change the lives of students.

The organization was intentional about building a culture based on high expectations, equity and developing the whole child.

Chay Dixon, 6th Grade English/Language Arts

Destiny Middle School, Tacoma, WA

"I chose a school where the educator is valued—specifically in regards to their work as professionals and their time.

I chose a school where its assets - educators and staff members - are developed thoughtfully and strategically. Gone are staff meetings filled with formalities and seemingly senseless paperwork.

I chose a school where important decisions can be made for individual students’ needs immediately—whether it involves curriculum, behavioral support, and academic enrichment.

I chose a school where just as often as we ask ourselves, “What have we done right?” we stress the question, “What can we do better?”

Kayla Vickaryous, 6th Grade English/Language Arts

Destiny Middle School, Tacoma, WA

Work with us in Washington at Green Dot Public Schools. Apply today.

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