School Leaders at Green Dot

Whether you're a school leader today or have hopes to become one, you can change students' lives and grow your leadership skills at Green Dot.


Ensure every student reaches their full potential.

If your vision is to ensure every student receives a great education, Green Dot is the place to achieve it. We believe in finding educators who are fiercely dedicated to our mission of helping to transform public education so that ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life.


Lead in a fulfilling work environment.

The average school leader to student ratio is 1 to 300, approximately half of a typical large district. This allows you to develop more meaningful relationships with teachers, staff, students and parents. Our student and teacher morale is high, which creates a positive work environment that supports growth and innovation.


Collaborate with a community of talented leaders.

Our network of administrators is one of the best parts of working at Green Dot. You'll be able to form rewarding relationships while continually learning from your peers who will be your thought partners and mentors. Plus, you'll receive unmatched training and professional development from your Education Team.

Administrator-In-Residence Program

Green Dot offers unparalleled leadership development and coaching for our school leaders. If you're a first-year school leader, our Administrator-in-Residence (AIR) Program helps you to assume a leadership position at a Green Dot school by completing an intensive 12-month, multiple school-site residency.

As a Resident, you have the opportunity to shadow Green Dot principals, work in a school leadership capacity at multiple Green Dot sites, and partner with Green Dot home office staff on special projects after completion of the one-year leadership program.

The AIR program provides training and development focused on:

  • Green Dot philosophy, core values and education model
  • Instructional Leadership
  • People Management
  • Resource Management
  • School Culture

"Our efforts are giving hope to a whole generation of students. For too many years, the areas that we serve have been overlooked and forgotten. We have made the youth of these areas the focus of our work. Our goal is to motivate our students so they have the aspiration and ability to go to college. Hopefully, when they graduate from college, they have a desire to return to their community and work to improve it for the next generation."
-Abraham de Villiers, Principal, Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy

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